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Win OS to MAC OS - Conflicts are resolved by the server instead of being presented to the user.



Conflicts happen correctly on the same OS (to my knowledge this is as per design). However, when creating a conflict between two OS (Windows to MAC or MAC to Windows) it is resolved by the server and the last pushed commit is the one pushed to all clients.

1. Create a project in any OS (in this example, create it in Windows 10)
2. Enable collaborate and upload project settings
3. Open the members tab and invite a user on another OS (In this case MAC OS)
4. On the MAC OS machine accept invitation and push your first commit (project settings) (this is another bug: will be entered shortly)
5. Create a script (C# or Jscript) on any of the machines and commit the changes. Upload on the other machine
6. Create a conflict.

Actual result: There is no conflict. The conflict appears very briefly and seems to auto-resolve.
Expected result: The user should be presented the actual conflict and be requested to resolve it instead of having it resolved by a "server knows better" mechanism.

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