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When the pipeline package changes, old shadergraphs may be broken until they're manually opened and re-saved by users.

Package: Shader Graph


If the pipeline has changed in such a way that the shaders are broken and need to be recompiled, can we recognize that and recompile them?

Currently if you have a shader graph that you made in e.g. SG 0.1.7, and then you move to SG 0.1.14 / LW 0.1.23, the shader will be pink until you open it and click Save to recompile your shader. Automating this would be nice as it's very scary and confusing for users at first, and then really annoying and boring for users later.

stramit commented on Jan 24
This uses Scripted importer (see: ShaderGraphImporter.cs) you should be able to bump the version which will cause reimport.

stramit commented on Jan 24
hrrm looks like this isn't working. Reached out the asset team.

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