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[entreprise support] When Graphics API for standalone is set to GLCore, texture compressions does not work for other platforms



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project (Extra_(de)
2. Switch the build target to iOS (or Android)
3. Right-click on the 'POT_Test' texture and click 'Reimport'
4. Open up Editor.log, notice the warning: "PVRTC texture format is not supported, decompressing texture" (the message differs depending on what is the default compression for the selected platform - for Android the warning says that ETC is not supported)

Only reproduces if graphics API for *standalone* (not iOS) is set to OpenGLCore. Other APIs works as expected - no warnings.

Tested and reproduced on both Windows and OSX.

Comments (2)

  1. Big-Ed

    Sep 18, 2016 01:11

    With a cloud build

  2. Big-Ed

    Sep 18, 2016 01:10

    This is not fixed. I set the standalone - unchecked auto for Mac and Linux and moved OpenGL2 to the Top. Then you still need to go back and uncheck all texture overrides and then recheck them so that the meta files get the right setting in them.
    spriteTessellationDetail: -1
    textureType: -1
    buildTargetSettings: []
    - buildTarget: iPhone
    maxTextureSize: 512
    textureFormat: -1
    compressionQuality: 50
    allowsAlphaSplitting: 0
    serializedVersion: 2

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