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When Dualshock 4 is pluged in, Unity crashes after entering the Play mode the second time (related with Rewired package)



Reproduction steps:
1. Plug in Dualshock 4;
2. Open the attached project;
3. Open the scene "Stage1";
4. Enter Play mode;
5. Wait until the debug menu shows up;
6. Exit Play mode;
7. Enter Play mode again;

Actual result: Unity crashes (does not give any callstack).
Expected result: Unity should not crash.

Note: the crash does not happen, if Dualshock 4 is not pluged in. Also, the user wrote that when Rewired package is removed from project, the crash also does not happen. I could not test it because after removing the Rewired package, there were too many errors. Furthermore, when I tried to repeat the project which reproduces the issue, Unity did not crash. If you do not wait until the debug menu shows up, the crash also does not happen.

I could not make the smaller project because there are many important libraries and other folders which help reproduce the issue.

Reproduced with: 5.6.0a6, 5.6.0b3, 5.6.0b11

Can not test with older than 5.6.0a6 and with 2017.1 versions because there are many errors.

  1. Resolution Note:

    We are deprecating old input system bugs as we have moved all resources to the new input system.

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