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[WebGL] The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content



Reproduction steps(GIF attached):
1. Open attached "stripped" project.
2. Build it for "WebGL" platform.
3. Open the standalone.
4. Click on the white space above email address.
5. Notice the word "Demo" and click on the "Select" button in the same row.
6. Click "Close" button.
7. Enter email address and password(check the edit).
8. Check "I acknowledge that I have read..." checkbox.
9. Click "LOG IN" button.
10. Player should crash while loading.

Reproduced with(my results):
Firefox 64-bit,
Firefox 32-bit,
Chrome 64-bit

Reproduced with(another machine results):
Chrome 32-bit
Not reproducible with:
Safari 64-bit

Not reproducible with(user results):
Firefox 64-bit
Safari 64-bit

Optional(If steps above doesn't reproduce the issue. It may require the unstripped, user provided project("repo")):
11. Select Apply Products.
12. Select Shelving.
13. Select Step 1: Shelving Size.
14. Click the Add button, adding a shelf into the scene.
15. Go back two menus by selecting the Back arrow near the title, taking you back tot he apply products scene.
16. Select Modular Buildings.
17. Select Step 1: Modular Building Size.
18. Click the Add button, adding a Modular Building into the scene.
19. Select the Home button at the top right of the screen.
20. Select the Drawing widget at the bottom right of the screen, which brings up a context menu.
21. Select either Front or Side view from the options presented.
22. By selecting either of the two buttons now located at the top middle of the screen, you will be switching between renders of the two objects you have added. Switch between products quickly, preferable not waiting until either is done loading (may take a few tries).
23. Notice the Out of Memory Error that occurs.

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