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[VFX] Empty Visual Effect Component generates about 14 KB of Garbage every frame in the Editor

Package: Visual Effect Graph


1. Open the attached project named "Case_1305929"
2. Open the SampleScene
3. Open the Profiler Window and switch it to the Editor mode
4. Check the reading for GC allocations in the Memory section
5. Right-click in the Hierarchy window and add a new Visual Effect object
6. Observe the GC allocations again

Expected results: GC Alloc does not increase, or increases only marginally since a new VFX object is completely empty and does not have a VFX asset assigned
Actual results: GC Alloc increases by ~14KB OR by ~25KB if the Visual Effect object is currently selected in the Inspector window

Reproducible with: 7.5.2(2019.4.19f1), 2020.2.3f1(10.2.2), 2021.1.0b3(11.0.0), 2021.2.0a2(12.0.0)

1. Reproducible with URP and HDRP
2. Does not reproduce in a Build
3. The memory amount does not seem to increase when the number of Visual Effect objects is increased. GC Allocated memory stays the same as described in the Actual results section

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 14.0.2):

    Fixed in 2022.2.0a9 with VFX package version 14.0.2. GC allocations have been reduced. While Visual Effect object is selected - ~13.7KB (Versus ~25KB in previous versions). While Visual Effect object is not selected - ~7.5KB (Versus 14KB in previous versions)

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