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[Version Control][PlasticSCM] "Version control plugin error" while trying to connect to Plastic Server

Version Control


I have Plastic SCM server installed on Win8.1 machine and is able to connect to it from Unity Editor on the same machine but when I try to connect from any other machines (even with the same credentials) through Unity Editor is says "Version Control plugin error" "Plastic scm not installed". See attached editor logs
But the visual client for Plastic SCM is able to connect to that server.
So, it maybe the problem with licensing the unity-plugin inside plastic scm lic file, or the unity plugin error itself.
I've described the situation to codice guys (plastic scm devs), they don't answered yet.

1. Run plastic scm server on one machine
2. Try to connect to this server from another machine
"Version Control plugin error"
"Plastic scm not installed" error in console

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  1. JesusM

    Mar 15, 2016 14:57

    Are the other machine(s) running MacOs El Capitan?

    If so, there is a known issue related with the PATH variable Unity is using for El Capitan (Unity is still using "/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin" but not "/usr/local/bin", which is the right place to put binaries on the El Capitan).

    To workaround the issue, you can edit the following file:
    And change this line:
    With the following content:
    Save the file and the plugin should start working.

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