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[Version Control] Perforce & Plastic SCM plugins cause Editor slowdown

Version Control


Steps to repro

1) Set up Perforce server on network (Plastic SCM not tested)
2) Set up Perforce client (P4V) on local machine, connected to server
3) Download project from this bug, unzip
4) Add relevant files (Assets folder, ProjectSettings folder) to depot in P4V (no need to commit)
5) Open project in Unity 5.2.0p1 or greater
6) Open Version Control window
7) Connect to Perforce server
8) Open only scene in project
9) With nothing selected in Project window, observe Editor framerate is fine
10) Select an asset so it appears in Inspector
11) Observe framerate/responsiveness of Editor is greatly reduced when navigating in Scene window, and lots of console spam is produced

Comments (3)

  1. E1a8641183fd03ebe4336a942e7d99e1?d=mm


    Apr 25, 2018 07:45

    This is also happening to me

  2. 0a731f3a8b246a2a187757d3c996a0b2?d=mm


    Feb 26, 2018 23:11

    This is happening again.

  3. 8ea693a9f3d46591754af579dde849e0?d=mm


    Oct 03, 2015 05:26

    The p4plugin.log file shows that Perforce is spamming the fstat command. See here:

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