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[VCS] Workflow: Moving assets should be optionally allowed even when they are marked for delete (or checked out etc.) remotely

Version Control


In most normal cases, something being checked out or marked for delete remotely should prevent operations like renaming or moving an asset locally. That's what Unity does today.

However in some cases, a user option (like a confirmation dialog or an editor user setting) would be nice to override this. Scenario:

1. There's a big production going on using Perforce,
2. Someone marks a whole folder for deletion locally, by accident, and goes on vacation,
3. No one else can now rename or move files in Unity! P4V allows doing it, but Unity goes "oh no, marked remote for deletion, can't do it".

It should allow it, but perhaps with a confirmation dialog.

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  1. CarolRogers

    Aug 22, 2020 08:18

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