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VCS - Unity registers local changes after changelist has been committed to Perforce



This is a user submitted issue by a partner studio.

1. Create a new Unity project somewhere under your P4 workspace root
2. Go into the new project's Source Control settings, and Connect to engage source control for the project. for reference, here are my settings
(see bottom of document)
3. Add a “Scenes” folder and save a token scene file, just for good measure
4. Submit the changelist with the newly added project to Perforce
5. After submitting verify all changelists are “clean”
6. Next, import FrameRecorder-6-21.unitypackage into the new project
7. Verify that the Import Package window in Unity looks correct, and accept.
8. Submit the changelist with the newly added package to Unity
9. Issue #1: Immediately after submitting, I get the “red dot” on two of the added folders in Unity. This is odd, because my changelist in P4V is
totally empty
a. Do a Resolve Offline using the project root: I see no differences detected, despite the red dots
b. Here is a screen of what I see
c. Given that there are no visible ill effects, I move onto the next step....
10. Next, import FrameRecorder-6-22.unitypackage into Unity
11. Verify the contents of the Import Package window in Unity -- several of the files should have an “updated” indicator. Accept to import the
updated package.
12. Save the Project.
13. Issue #2: Immediately open and refresh the P4V client -- no changes are indicated
a. Open and refresh the Unity Version Control window -- no changes are indicated
b. Do a Resolve Offline in P4V, at the Unity project root, and behold that there are untracked, modified files:

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