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[UWP] Tab key on HoloLens2 keyboard doesn't insert tabs into InputField/TMP

When using the TouchScreenKeyboard in HoloLens2 to enter text into a uGUI InputField or TextMeshPro, clicking the 'Tab' on the keyboard doesn't insert tab characters.


1. Open the attached Unity project
2. Build for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
3. Open the generated Visual Studio sln and build/deploy to a HoloLens2 device or emulator
4. Once the app launches select the bottom InputField (multi-line)
5. When the TouchScreenKeyboard appears, enter some characters into the InputField
6. Click the '&123' key to switch to the Numbers/Symbols pane
7. Click the 'Tab' key in the upper left corner

Expected: a Tab character is inserted into the InputField
Action: nothing happens; it's impossible to insert a Tab

- Tab works fine when using the Desktop Windows 10 on-screen keyboard
- Don't test using the "single-line" InputField (topmost one); tabs are ignored in this UI
- This bug can be reproed on the HL2 emulator
- Probably also repros on Xbox One (UWP) as well but didn't test this scenario

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  1. eslephoto

    Feb 14, 2021 16:56

    I have found this app good and I l it

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