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[UWP] Surface tablet doesn't respect orientation settings when set to tablet mode

Windows Store Apps


When application is starting to launch, orientation seems to be correct, but after splash screen loading, orientation is not respected correctly.
Regression from 5.4.0a4.

Repro steps:
1. Create empty project;
2. In "player settings" set "Portait" orientation only;
3. Build to UWP platform;
4. Deploy application to Surface 3 tablet, but before set it to "tablet mode".

Whatever orientation you change, those changes are not respected and don't make any impact when build and running the project.


UWP platform (Universal 10): orientations are not respected when set in Visual Studio's package manifest. Issue reproducible even with a new non Unity project, created in Visual Studio.

Orientations can be set in Unity player settings or can be forced by script.

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  1. IAliHC

    Feb 07, 2017 15:38

    How this can be found in advance version (5.4.0a5) and fixed in earlier version(5.3.1) ?

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