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[UWP] Misleading error message when trying to build&run on Windows Phone which is not connected to PC

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new project/Open any Unity project
2. Open build settings
3. Build and run on Windows Phone (disconnect it from PC before building)

Expected behavior: deployment fails because no Windows Phone 10 is connected
Actual behavior: deployment fails because no Windows Phone 8.1 is connected (even though 8.1 is no longer supported)

Full error message:
Deployment failed because no Windows Phone 8.1 phone was detected. Make sure a phone is connected and powered on.

Reproducible with: 2017.1.0b4, 2017.1.0b10, 2017.2.0b1

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  1. tonygurley157

    Apr 29, 2020 17:46

    As any modern man I usually meet with that kind of trouble; my smartphone can not handle the newest games/Problems always was with a video converter. That was before a meet best video converters . Format Factory speed for merging, AVI+WMV to MP4 is 0.22 m. Since then I can use my devices for years by only updating video converters.

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