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Using SwitchActiveBuildTarget API does not fully switch build target

Build Pipeline


How to reproduce:
1. Open user provided project
2. In File/Build Settings, set build to Android.
3. From Build menu, select 'Android'. (This script calls SwitchActiveBuildTarget to Android, and then builds the player.)
4. Note that build completes successfully without errors
5. In File | Build Settings, now set build to PC, Mac & Linux Standalone
6. From Build menu, select 'Android'
7. You will see this error 'Type '[Assembly-CSharp]DemoInputManager' has an extra field 'messageCanvas' of type 'UnityEngine.GameObject' in the player and thus can't be serialized '.

Reproduced on: 5.3.5f1, 5.3.7p4, 5.4.2f2, 5.5.2p3, 5.6.0f1, 2017.1.0a4

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