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[URP] entering Play Mode with Scene window open and Camera selected in a new project throws errors in the Console

URP Features


Repro is not 100% consistent
Reproduction steps:
1. Create a new URP Template Project
2. Make sure that Scene view, Game view, Inspector, and Console windows are open and follow the layout in "image1.png"
3. Select the Main Camera in the Hierarchy
4. Enter Play Mode

Expected result: there are no errors in the Console
Actual result: errors "Setting anti-aliasing of already created render texture is not supported!" start flooding the Console

Reproducible with: URP 7.1.5 (2019.3.0f1), URP 7.1.8 (2019.3.0f6)
Not reproducible with: LWRP 4.10.0 (2018.4.16f1), LWRP 6.9.2 (2019.2.19f1), URP 7.1.8 (2020.1.0a21)
Could not test with: 2017.4 because no Package Manager

1. Restarting the project resolves the issue
2. Reproducing the issue in Unity versions (2019.3.0f1 - 2019.3.0f4) was inconsistent (the issue would only reproduce sometimes)
3. New URP Template project is needed to reproduce the issue
4. Exiting Play Mode does not stop the errors appearing

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