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[Universal RP] Missing Camera cannot be removed from Camera Stack after scene is saved

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steps to repro:
1. open a new universal rp template
2. add 3x new cameras, name them "cam" and "cam (1)" and "cam (2)"
3. in inspector, set render type = Overlay on both new cameras (one by one, no multi edit)
4. select Main camera
5. in inspector, on camera component, add "cam" and "cam (1)" and "cam(2)" to stack
6. delete "cam" overlay camera game object
7. check stack
8. observe correct error: "Missing camera"
9. save scene
10. in project tab, double click SampleScene (to reload it)
11. select "Missing camera" and click "-" to remove it

Expected: missing camera is correctly removed
Actual: "cam (1)" is removed instead

repro: 2019.3.15f1 + URP 7.4.0, URP 7.2.0

- does not repro without step 9 (save scene) + step 10 (reload scene)

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