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Unity freezes when WWW.Dispose is used while downloading AssetBundle



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  1. Robdon

    Oct 02, 2015 13:56

    This bug is causing my app to pause for about 0.3s when Dispose() is called, when I'm running a www = new WWW(url) in the background in a Coroutine.

    It says the priority is a 3, 'work around is possible', so I'm guessing its not going to get fixed soon, and by looking at the submit date.

    Can someone post a workaround, then, to stop this from happening?


  2. Quiet-Pixel

    Oct 03, 2014 21:31

    Still a bug in Unity 4.5.3. I do not get a deadlock as @Postelzhuk reports, but in both the editor and in Android app, calling WWW.Dispose causes a total freeze up (i.e. 0 frames per second) for 2-4 seconds. I get the same result if I wrap the WWW instance inside a using () clause, and do not call Dispose directly.

    I am attempting to use Dispose to kill downloads that are taking "too long", so I can reschedule them for later, an fetch more important assets first.

    If I do not call Dispose (), the app will not hang, but as I understand it, this leaves the download still running in the background, hogging network speed and probably socket handles.

  3. Andrey-Postelzhuk

    Sep 24, 2014 09:02

    Here is my case:
    + Device A is a Mobile Hotspot (using EDGE as a source).
    + Device B is connected to the Device A hotspot.
    + Turn off EDGE on Device A
    + Send request from Device B
    + Call WWW.Dispose() and get dead lock.

  4. mken

    Sep 16, 2014 15:32

    I got error when I using "dispose" after "WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload"

    There is no problem with "new WWW(url)"

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