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Unity editor does not support Hindi characters



When entering Hindi characters into string fields in the inspector they all appear as question marks. You can still paste the letters after entering them somewhere else.

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  1. 36c65e3934745df83910152c6a077e4a?d=mm


    Aug 18, 2020 08:43

    good one <a href="">lyricsauto</a>

  2. Ffab8022be301e5f68db0a2fe5e624b8?d=mm


    Aug 07, 2020 09:03

    You can check out this new asset, works with both Text and TextMeshPro. Cheapest and Best one on the Asset Store. Even works with the Sanskrit language.

  3. 69308e2b56050ff1f96eb0e8b70cfc7e?d=mm


    Jul 03, 2019 04:03

    @ABUSAAD Hey Abusaad, in your document, you said its possible to render text in Devanagari text, but i was unable to display it, could you guide me on this? (:

  4. 8d31ee92695bc0da13092d78c8b5be5a?d=mm


    Aug 31, 2018 08:01

    @ABUSAAD, thanks a lot for this git project. This is the perfect solution.

  5. 3c33f4fefbe53ec60cb85b76a5bba3df?d=mm


    Mar 15, 2018 18:54

    Check my project at for hindi font rendering in Unity3d

  6. E8d7ad0bd9dfa9972a463c9a8b932f85?d=mm


    Dec 13, 2017 17:06

    Will unity never develop it. Its been years guys.

  7. 4a56a0c93b8126f64e5c37fbdfb20deb?d=mm


    Jun 11, 2017 04:57

    take the hindi text in a txt file saved with Unicode encoding and not ANSI (which is default in notepad)
    then import it to the unity and read hindi from it
    ? question mark comes due to the encoding issue

    you can copy and paste hindi directly too to text box just need that it is copied from a text file saved in Unicode encoding.

  8. 91e4e8fb12df5c83694218ad6dcc5135?d=mm


    Nov 09, 2016 16:22

    Still no response :(

  9. 4fefb9c3c2766bee283dc38814338bff?d=mm

    Player of Players

    Jun 29, 2016 02:14

    This is really embarrassing for unity that it doesn't support any Indian local languages properly even in unity 5.3.5. :(

  10. Edb45437632b50765f9fc157442f54ab?d=mm


    May 16, 2016 07:44

    Even the other South Indian languages are appearing morphed. (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu)

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