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[UNET] Local Player Authority(Client) removes Has Authority from the spawned gameObject



Steps to reproduce:

1) Download attached project and open in Unity
2) Build and Run project
3) In the Editor, press Play and create LAN Server Only
4) With Standalone build, connect as a Client
5) In the Editor, enable Debug mode
6) In the Hierarchy window, select 'object2' gameObject and you will see that 'Has Authority' will be disabled
7) Check logs also and you will see that hasAuthority over 'object2' will be false

Expected result: When Local Player Authority is enabled, Has Authority against spawned gameObject should not be disabled
Actual result: When Local Player Authority is enabled, Has Authority against spawned gameObject is disabled (check attached image 'actual.png')

Reproduced with:
5.6.0b6, 5.6.1p4, 2017.1.0b9, 2017.2.0a3

I wasn't able to test with Unity 5.6.0b5 and older due to errors in the Console window

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    Resolution Note:

    Mass closure of UNET Bugs.
    As UNet is Deprecated we are moving to low maintenance mode, where critical issues can get fixes.
    Closing this bug as part of cleaning-up the Bug List.

    If you feel this bug is really a road-blocker, you can reopen the bug and we will work on this one.

    For more information and next steps see this [blog post]( and the [FAQ](

Comments (1)

  1. E63c86014f72a8be3fca0998cbdfa9e1?d=mm


    Jul 17, 2018 19:22

    I haven't seen attached project, but seems like you don't understand how the things work.
    With Local Player Authority enabled, only Player will have authority automatically.
    For Non-Player objects you should tick this option and also manually assign authority using AssignClientAuthority, or NetworkServer.SpawnWithClientAuthority. Otherwise the object will be under Server authority.
    For more information check this

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