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[New Input System] Keyboard input is not detected in the Input Field when built on WebGL



How to reproduce:
1. Open user's attached "" project
2. Go to File -> Build Settings
3. Make sure the platform is set to WebGL
4. Press Build
5. Write some text in the Input Field in the browser

Expected result: Text appears in the Input Field, keyboard input (eg. CTRL+V) is registered
Actual result: No text appears in the Input Field, keyboard input (eg. CTRL+V) is not registered

Reproducible with: 0.2.10-preview (2019.4.2f1), 1.0.0 (2020.1.0b14, 2020.2.0a17)
Could not test with: 2018.4.24f1 (New Input System not supported)

- The issue is not reproducible in the Editor and on Windows, Mac build
- The issue is not reproducible with the Old Input System

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.2):

    Fixed in: 2021.1.0a1

    The WebGL input system has been fixed so keyboard events will be sent to GUI controls with the new input system

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.3):

    Fixed in: 2020.3.13f1

Comments (11)

  1. Biebras

    Jan 30, 2024 23:03

    Having issues at unity 2022.3.18

  2. ScottAdams

    Aug 30, 2021 00:15

    This marked as fixed, but it is only marked for 2020.

    2019.4.29F1 is still having the issue!

    How do we raise the issue for 2019?

  3. Bramverhoeven2

    Apr 16, 2021 09:01

    Typo in previous comment:
    had to be unity 2020.2.5f1

  4. Bramverhoeven2

    Apr 16, 2021 09:00

    I tried this in Unity 2020.3.3f1 and 2020.2.f1 but input is still not working on input fields in a WebGL build. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. outoftunegames

    Oct 23, 2020 17:19

    Just ran into this problem when updating to the new input system. It looks like the fix is in 2020.2, why not have it in an updated 2020.1.x?

  6. Krahgnatokz

    Oct 03, 2020 20:29

    Had this issue as well. Using Unity 2020.1, Input System 1.0.0

    Found a temporal solution here:

    Edit -> Project settings -> Player -> WebGL Settings -> Other Setting -> Active Input Handling and setting that option to "Both" instead of "Input System Package (New)

  7. Krahgnatokz

    Oct 03, 2020 20:05

    Same issue here.
    Using Unity 2020.1, Input System version 1.0.0 and TextMesh Pro 3.0.1.
    Tested with scenes that had nothing but a TextMeshPro Input Field and the normal Input Field. Neither worked.

  8. jbertra

    Aug 19, 2020 11:46

    I am having the same issue where characters are not displaying in the input fields for my WebGL builds. Both the standard and Text Mesh Pro input fields are affected, but they work fine in the editor.

    Unity 2020.1.2f1
    Input System 1.0.0
    Text Mesh Pro 3.0.1

  9. TaranisElsu

    Aug 04, 2020 14:03

    I just installed the latest Unity 2019 and made sure all the packages were up to date and the problem still exists.

    Unity 2019.4.6f1
    "com.unity.textmeshpro": "2.1.1",
    "com.unity.inputsystem": "1.0.0",

  10. TaranisElsu

    Aug 04, 2020 12:32

    I have the same issue, and the issue @ROBSCHERER123 mentioned with the mouse scroll wheel scrolling really really slow.

    I added:
    zoom *= 100f;
    to my code to work around the scroll issue for now, but I have not found a workaround for the Input Fields not working. I did notice that arrow and Home/End keys move the cursor around, but nothing seems to happen when typing letters or numbers (even from the numpad).

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