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Unable to install the Bolt pacakge or open a Bolt project in 2020.2

Package: Visual Scripting


Using the to create a bolt 2020.1 project results in an error when trying to open in Unity 2020.2. Windows, macOS.

ArgumentException: Product Id 'Bolt' was not found. Parameter name: index
Ludiq.EnsureThat.IsKeyOf[TKey,TValue] (System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary`2[TKey,TValue] value, TKey expectedKey, System.String keyLabel) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Core/Runtime/Ensure/EnsureThat.Collections.cs:207)
Ludiq.ProductContainer.GetProduct (System.String productId) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Core/Editor/Products/ProductContainer.cs:124)
Bolt.BoltProduct.get_instance () (at Assets/Ludiq/Bolt.Core/Editor/BoltProduct.cs:43)
Bolt.BoltProduct.HookSetupWizard () (at Assets/Ludiq/Bolt.Core/Editor/BoltProduct.cs:74)

If you drag the Bolt package folder into a new 2020.2 project it rejects it.

macos: Failed to copy files

Windows: Failed copying file C:/Users/bokken/Downloads/com.unity.bolt-main/com.unity.bolt-main/Package to Assets/Package.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

Steps to reproduce
* git clone
* In the downloaded folder run the Setup.bat (windows) (macOS) via the terminal.  It will create a projects folder
* In Unity, hub open the 2020.1 projects with Unity 2020.2

Notice issue >> When Unity loads you get the Product ID "Bolt" was not found. 

Tested: Unity 2020.2.a21, macOS, Windows, Bolt: commit 15233c8a2ef4a6164c3a05464b7eafd6b7aeb25a

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