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[UI Controls] UI texts disppears when importing two assets named x and x.y



When Unity loses focus and we come back to Unity, the UI texts are not getting refreshed/rendered properly, if two files named x and x.y exist in the asset folder.

Repro from scratch:
- create a canvas and a ui text
- create two empty files x and x.dylib in assets/
- alt-tab to visual studio/chrome/..., scroll in the window
- alt-tab back to unity, text disappears

Steps to repro:
- Add some UI controls and update the labels
- Now toggle out of Unity to some other window
- Come back to Unity

Note that the UI controls are not rendered properly

Its happening in both Scene view and Game view. This is more of a refresh issue, since it gets fixed when we click on play.

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    This is a duplicate of issue #758143

    UI.Mask turns pink when switching to another application

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