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Transparent images cast shadows with artifacts when LWRP with Opaque + AlphaClip shader settings are set

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Lightweight


Repro steps:
1. Open User's attached project ("LWRPLightmap")
2. Open SampleScene (Scenes > SampleScene)
3. Inspect the lightmap shadow difference

Expected: Generated shadow exactly represents the not transparent image part
Actual: Generated shadow is boxy, with visible artifacts

Reproduced with(LWRP introduced in 2018.1): 2018.1.9f2, 2018.2.12f1, 2018.3.0b6, 2019.1.0a5

Issue does not occur with Enlighten lightmapper
Issue does not occur when Transparent surface type is set
Issue does not depend on "Two Sided" option
Issue does not depend on Workflow mode option

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    Resolution Note (fix version 5.3.0):

    Materials with culling off(render faces both), will now automatically set double sided GI to true.

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