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[Transform] Rotation value changes on play mode a little bit

Inspector Functionality


Repro steps:
1) Create a new scene
2) Create a cube
3) Set cube's X rotation to 180
4) Play and notice the value changes by les than 0,5 degree ( it varies)
5) Stop - notice the values remain changed

N.B .Gif shows what happens

Reproduced in: 5.4.0b1; 5.3.1p1; 5.3.0b1

Comments (2)

  1. MrSyntax

    Mar 16, 2016 07:23

    Hmm unless I missed something , theres indeed something very odd about this.
    Heres what my results are :
    1) create cube , 2) play
    3) stop, set cube rotation X to 180
    4) play, notice how the rotation values change.
    5) stop, notice how the rotation values change.

  2. ibyte

    Feb 06, 2016 02:33

    Please fix this bug. I believe this affects the seams of my objects which affects the physics of the ball traveling over the objects

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