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[Trail Renderer] Add Key does not add any keys to trail's Width curve



To reproduce:
1. In any project, create an object with Trail Renderer component
2. In Trail Renderer component, find the Width curve interface
3. Try adding keys to the curve by right-clicking and selecting "Add Key"

Expected: key is added to the selected location on the curve
Actual: no key is added

Reproduced in: 2019.1.6f1, 2019.1.11f1, 2019.2.0b10, 2019.3.0a10
Not reproduced in: 2017.4.0f1, 2017.4.30f1 2018.4.4f1, 2019.1.5f1

Note: it seems like trail's width curve has not been updated to a newer curve interface as opposed to the rest of the curves in the editor (such as in particle system)

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    Aug 28, 2019 11:32

    You can bypass that by double clicking on curve - it will add new key succesfully.

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    Aug 17, 2019 16:06

    i m getting same bloody issue

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