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[TMP] "Open Reference" links to wrong/outdated package



*Steps to reproduce:*
# Create a new project.
# Hierarchy > UI > Text - TextMeshPro. Install TMP Essentials when prompted.
# View this in inspector. Click the (?) icon on the TMP component to open the reference.

*Actual results:* [] opens.

*Expected results:* Because TMP has been merged into uGUI as of 2023.2, the documentation that should open isĀ []
(or whichever version is the current active ugui version)

Please note also following issues on the TMP documentation.
* DOCATT-6236: "[IMAGE]" is written in place of an image.
* DOCATT-6241: Document incorrectly states you can change TMP versions in Package Manager
* DOCATT-6297: Placeholder text, inconsistent use of full stops.
* DOCATT-6299: Essential reference images are missing in the UGUI version of the TMP documentation.

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