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The Unity Project from the asset store called Republique crashes



The Unity Project from the asset store called Republique crashes

This is a regression. The project doesn't crash in 5.6.1 or 2017.1.

Repro steps:

-download the project from the asset store:!/content/34352
-press play.

Note, there is 1 prefab that errors out, but that happens in all the previously tested Unity versions.

Stack Trace:
========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

0x00000001427E6505 (Unity) physx::Sc::NPhaseCore::findTriggerContacts
0x00000001427E8491 (Unity) physx::Sc::NPhaseCore::narrowPhase
0x00000001427C21EB (Unity) physx::Sc::Scene::postIslandGen
0x00000001427C1E52 (Unity) physx::Cm::BaseTask::run
0x000000014086395E (Unity) PhysxJobFunc
0x0000000140592879 (Unity) JobQueue::Exec
0x0000000140592AC9 (Unity) JobQueue::ExecuteJobFromHighPriorityStack
0x00000001405935CE (Unity) JobQueue::ExecuteOneJob
0x000000014083523F (Unity) CompletionTask::ProcessAllPhysicsTasks
0x000000014087C13A (Unity) PhysicsManager::Simulate
0x000000014087C6D8 (Unity) `PhysicsManager::InitializeClass'::`18'::FixedUpdatePhysicsFixedUpdateRegistrator::Forward
0x00000001405D7B11 (Unity) PlayerLoop
0x0000000140F9255E (Unity) Application::UpdateScene
0x0000000140F9498F (Unity) Application::UpdateSceneIfNeeded
0x0000000140F9FB31 (Unity) Application::TickTimer
0x00000001412B45BD (Unity) MainMessageLoop
0x00000001412B5ECE (Unity) WinMain
0x0000000141DBF450 (Unity) __tmainCRTStartup
0x00007FFF62C82774 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FFF62DA0D61 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

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