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The Scale in Lightmap is the same even when Atlas Size is changed from 1024 to 4096

Progressive Lightmapper


To reproduce:
1. Open attached project;
2. Run scene test and select Cube;
3. In lightning >> Baked GI >> Make atlas size 1024;
3. Go to Object window >>Mesh Renderer >> Scale in Lightmap and set to 10.46 ("Object's size in lightmap has reached the max atlas size" message appears);
4. Go back to lightning >> Baked GI >> Make atlas size 4096;
5. Go to Object window >>Mesh Renderer >> Scale in Lightmap and check if message is gone

Expected result: When Atlas size is set to 4096, message should not appear when the scale is the same as for 2048
Actual result: Switching from 2048 to 4096 doesn't affect the warning message, despite the object actually fitting in 2048 atlas size.

Reproduced in: 5.4.4f1; 5.5.2f1; 5.5.2p1; 5.6.0b11; 2017.1.0a2

Fixed in: 2018.1.0a1.

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  1. A1ee98787661975804c235ff44788a0c?d=mm


    Oct 21, 2017 12:26

    Hello! Where do I find the atlas size options and baked gi in unity 5.6.2f1 ?


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