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TextMesh normals & dynamic batching issue

Graphics - General


Dynamic batching does not work correctly with TextMesh shader - if dynamic batching is enabled rotated text is not rendered correctly if there is more then two texts with TextMesh shader.

Steps to reproduce this issue:
1. Open attached project's scene "Untitled".
2. Set "Text1" Game Object's rotation to 70 around X axis.
3. Go to player settings ant toggle Dynamic Batching.
4. Notice that if Dynamic Batching is enabled both texts are rendered white and if it is disabled - one text is grey.

5. Enable dynamic batching.
6. Disable "Text2" Game Object.
7. "Text1" is rendered correctly.

Reproduced on Windows 10 with versions - 5.1.0f3, 5.3.3p3 and 5.4.0b10.
This issue was fixed on 5.3.4p2.

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