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Terrain with Cast Shadows disabled produces shadowy artifact when is viewed at from certain angle



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene "BUGSCENE"
3. Select terrain and in its properties notice that "Cast Shadows" is off
4. Move scene view camera so that corner of the terrain would be visible
5. Notice grey shadowy artifact appear on the terrain

Reproduced with: 5.2.2p3, 5.3.0b6
Regression since: 5.2.0a1 (also AABB errors were thrown when artifact was visible in the view)
Not reproducible: 5.1.4f1

Comments (4)

  1. Mogulbasher

    Feb 17, 2016 14:29

    I can report this is not fixed in 5.3.2 for anyone interested. you still have to switch to 2 cascades to get the problem to go away

  2. Mogulbasher

    Feb 12, 2016 23:58

    So did this make it in to 5.3.2?

  3. Aras

    Jan 26, 2016 13:22

    I'll backport the fix to 5.3.x too

  4. tmammela

    Nov 10, 2015 17:32

    Here is a video that shows how the problem looks in my system:

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