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[Templates] 3D Template With Extras is missing Post-processing package

Package: 3D Template with Extras


Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a 3d scene with extras
2. Select "Post-process Volume" game object
3. Observe a warning:
The associated script can not be loaded. Please fix any compile errors
and assign a valid script

Expected result: 3d template scene with extras should include Post-processing stack

Reproduced in: 2019.3.0a4, 2019.2.0b5, 2019.2.0b1
Not reproduced in: 2019.2.0a14, 2019.1.3f1, 2018.4.2f1, 2018.3.14f1
Regression since: 2019.2.0b1

Comments (7)

  1. Bprince00

    Aug 21, 2020 02:21

  2. Bprince00

    Aug 21, 2020 02:03

  3. Olulekan01

    Dec 27, 2019 20:49

  4. downloadscp39

    Nov 10, 2019 13:49

    Download unity 3D

  5. Akusan

    Oct 01, 2019 10:22

    I just downloaded 2019.2.6f1 and created a 3D project with extras and the sample scene shows missing script on camera and post process volume

  6. Potter76

    Aug 31, 2019 05:17

    I downloaded Unity 2019.3.0b1 and it is fixed there.

  7. Potter76

    Aug 31, 2019 00:48

    I also encountered this error with Unity version 2019.2.3f1. 2019.2.3f1 is as of 8/30/19 the current official version and it doesn't look fixed right now.

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