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Substance generates incorrect warning when changing shader type



After changing a Substance material's shader, a warning message will appear in the material. This message goes away immediately after adjusting any values in the material, or deselecting it then reselecting it.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open the attached project, select the Limestone_Blocks asset
2. Change the Shader type from "Standard" to "Standard (Specular Setup)
3. Observe the following warning message in the material:
"Emissive value is animated but the material has not been configured to suppot emissive. Please make sure the material itself has some amount of emissive."
4. Change the specularity, or deselect then reselect the asset
5. Observe that the warning message has disappeared

Expected result:
Warning messages should not appear in the material when they are not appropriate.

Reproducible in versions 5.5.0b7 (bd91e53964bc) and 5.4.1p4 (139dac7766f0).

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