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[SubGraph] Spaceable parameters don't update properly

Visual Effects


Repro steps:
1. Import the attached unity package
2. Open SpaceableScene
3. Open New VFX and change the space of 'Position'
4. Observe how there is no change to the particle color
5. Open the SpaceableDistance subgraph
6. In blackboard, change the space of 'Position'
7. Go back to New VFX and change the space of 'Position'
8. Observe how past the initial change of color, changing the space further does not update the particle color

  1. Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    Partially resolved by this change disabling space transformation in subgraph.
    We are addressing a bigger rework for 2023 of this feature to provide a clearer integration.
    N.B.: Since 2022.2, the space none is available among exposable property, you can now completely ignore the space transform keeping the same Position type.

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