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Static Batching Corrupts Scene View Modes on Play

Global Illumination



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

1. Download, unzip and open the attached project
2. Open AdditiveLighting_00_Master scene.
3. Ensure the lighting is correctly baked by clicking "Generate Lighting" from Unity's Lighting Settings tab.
4. Ensure "Static Batching" is disabled from the Player Settings window (Edit > Project Settings > Player).
5. Switch the Scene View Mode to "Baked Lightmap" in order to better observe changes to the lightmaps.
6. Enter Play Mode.
7. Observe the lightmaps remain mapped as intended.
8. Now enable "Static Batching" from the Player Settings.
9. Enter Play Mode once again.

The lightmaps will get hella goosed in the Scene View and dirty the bed sheets. You can't work like this. Like, seriously, what the hell is even going on anymore? I don't know. It's like a metaphor or something. The world is on fire and so are your lightmaps. Sad.

Note that the lightmaps are still rendered correctly in the Game view, only the Baked Lightmas scene view is corrupted.

Lightmap coordinates in scene view should remain consistent regardless of whether Static batching is enabled or otherwise.

Scene modes affected (Baked GI):
- Albedo
- Texel Validity
- UV Overlap
- Baked Lightmap Culling

- The issue also present in Lightmap Preview window
- Occurs when either Auto Generate is enabled or disabled
- Tested with single and multi-scene setups

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