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SPR/HDRRP, baking a single reflection probe refreshes the preview but doesn't refresh the reflection probe used in the scene.



In SRP/HDRP, if I select a reflection probe and click bake, the reflection probe does make a fresh bake and I can see a refreshed preview in the inspector, but objects in the scene are not affected by this new reflection probe, the old one is still being used.
Only doing a full lighting bake refreshes the reflection probes used in the scene.

Repro step:
- Add a reflection probe in a scene
- Bake with "Bake" button
- Observe that scene reflection probe is correctly refresh
- Move reflection probe
- Bake again
- Observe that scene reflection probe is not refresh

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    Jun 18, 2022 21:25


  3. unity_Nuh8Dugj8OzHRg

    Dec 19, 2019 05:32

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