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Fixed in 2023.2.0b9, 2023.3.0a4



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Sometimes editor crashes after physics assertions



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project ""
2. Open scene "Sandbox"
3. Enter and exit playmode until you hit errors in console.
Assertion failed on expression: 'CompareApproximately(det, 1.0F, .005f)'
Assertion failed on expression: 'fRoot >= Vector3f::epsilon'
Skipped updating the transform of this Rigidbody, because at least one of the position vector's components is infinite. Could you have applied infinite forces, acceleration or set a huge velocity?

{*}Sometimes the editor will also crash with the following stack{*}:

#0 0x0000010a60ce6a in internalABP::ABP_PairManager::addPair(unsigned int, unsigned int)
#1 0x0000010a60f332 in internalABP::doCompleteBoxPruning_Leaf(internalABP::ABP_PairManager*, unsigned int, internalABP::SIMD_AABB_X4 const*, internalABP::SIMD_AABB_YZ4 const*, unsigned int const*, internalABP::ABP_Object const*)
#2 0x0000010a60d2f1 in internalABP::findAllOverlaps(internalABP::ABP_MM&, internalABP::ABP_PairManager&, internalABP::ABP_SharedData const&, internalABP::BoxManager const&, internalABP::BoxManager const&, bool, bool)
#3 0x0000010a60d0b4 in internalABP::ABP::Region_findOverlaps(internalABP::ABP_PairManager&)
#4 0x0000010a60ec56 in physx::Bp::BroadPhaseABP::update(unsigned int, physx::PxcScratchAllocator*, physx::Bp::BroadPhaseUpdateData const&, physx::PxBaseTask*, physx::PxBaseTask*)
#5 0x0000010a592063 in physx::Bp::AABBManager::finalizeUpdate(unsigned int, physx::PxcScratchAllocator*, physx::PxBaseTask*, physx::PxBaseTask*)
#6 0x0000010a4f7781 in physx::Cm::Task::run()
#7 0x000001081b09fa in MultithreadedJobDispatcher::PhysxJobFunc(void*)
#8 0x00000107a46191 in ujob_execute_job(ujob_control_t*, ujob_lane_t*, ujob_job_t*, ujob_handle_t, int)
#9 0x00000107a47391 in lane_guts(ujob_control_t*, ujob_lane_t*, int, int)
#10 0x00000107a48725 in worker_thread_routine(void*)
#11 0x00000107c49fbd in Thread::RunThreadWrapper(void*)
#12 0x007ff80ac0b1d3 in _pthread_start
#13 0x007ff80ac06bd3 in thread_start

Reproduced with: 2023.2.0a20 (a71a2c8974e3), 2023.2.0b4

Not reproducible: 2023.1.9f1, 2023.2.0a19 (cab10490cda3)

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