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[SinglePassStereo | Oculus] Occlusion mesh artifacts



[SinglePassStereo] occlusion mesh artifacts

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
1) Setup Oculus CV1 and Oculus SDK
2) Open 'Reflections' Scene
3) Enter play mode
4) Move the headset around so that the center of of it's view is not occluded by any gameobjects, i.e. look at the horizon
5) Observe the occlusion mesh artifacts rendered in the game view and in the headset

Additional steps
6) Create a standalone build
7) Follow step 4) above
8) Observe occlusion mesh artifacts rendered in game view and in the headset


I can't figure out exactly which component may be causing the issue but it is certainly something within this scene. Deleting all of the gameobjects (except the camera) and disabling the UI Add Text Compoenent that is attached to the camera seems to make the issue go away.

This is a regression from 5.5.0b11 to 5.5.0f1

I have also tested and found that this occurs on trunk rev 57e9de7c0b66

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