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[Shuriken] Focusing on a Particle System using Stretched Billboards by pressing "f" zooms out too far



Pressing "f" in the scene view to focus on stretched billboard particles zooms out too far.

Repro steps:
1. Open the Particles scene from the attached project and go to the Scene view.
2. Select [Shuriken] - BILLBOARD in the hierarchy, and press "f" to focus on it.
2.1. It focuses neatly into the view.
3. Select [Shuriken] - STRETCHED BILLBOARD_Length_2 and focus again.
3.1 The view zooms out a bit too much.
4. [Shuriken] - STRETCHED BILLBOARD_Length_10 and focus.
4.1 The view is way out, even though the particle is not reaching that far.

Expected outcome: Particles to focus in a similar manner, regardless of their render mode.

Notes: A milder version of this was present in 5.3.1f1. Tested on 5.4.0b1-b3 and all exhibit a more severe zooming out behaviour.

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