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"Show all on dashboard" link for commits in Collab History window links to wrong URL resulting in broken link



So far this has been tested to be existing in 2017.3 and 2017.4 LTS.

When a commit has over a certain number of asset changes in a single commit, we truncate the list and make a link available to view the rest on the dashboard web view. While the URL path that is generated for these is correct, the base domain section of the URL is incorrect. It links to "" instead of "". This usually results in the user getting a JSON document back saying "not found".

Here is a twitter thread where a user discovered this that helped us discover the issue.

Reproduces in 2017.1-2017.4
Does NOT Reproduce in 2018.1+

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    Resolution Note:

    Bad link is redirected to the correct one on the server side.

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