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Shadowmask Mode property affects shadow rendering when using Baked Indirect



*Steps to reproduce:*
# Download and open attached project ([^])
# Open OutdoorsScene
# Select Sun GameObject
# Under Shadows header, set its Shadowmask Mode to Shadowmask
# Open Lighting window (Window > Rendering > Lighting)
# Set Lighting Mode to Baked Indirect
# Click on Generate Lighting

*Expected result:*
* Sphere still casts a realtime shadow on the plane, regardless of the Shadowmask Mode chosen when using Baked Indirect

*Actual result:*
* Sphere no longer casts a realtime shadow after baking lighting (see attached screenshots)

* Reproduces in 2021.3.10f1, 2022.2.2f1, 2023.1.0b2
* Reproduces with all mixed light types
* Mixed light behavior in Baked Indirect should be identical to that when Shadowmask Mode is set to Distance Shadowmask

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