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[Shadergraph] Changing Alpha Clip Threshold from 0 does not update graph until graph is changed

Package: Shader Graph


Reproduces on master (bcdb37f295) and Universal RP 7.1.7

Repro steps:
1. Use Universal RP or HDRP as your pipeline
2. Create a PBR graph
3. Set the Alpha Clip Threshold to 0
4. Drag out an edge from Alpha to create a Gradient Noise node
5. Change the Alpha Clip Threshold to 0.5
Expected result: the preview updates with the new change
Actual result: the shader has no alpha clipping in the preview. Saving the shadergraph and making a material will have no alpha clipping. The only way to get the change to alpha clipping to update is to change the graph structure by connecting or disconnecting an edge.

  1. Resolution Note:

    There will be changes to resolve this issue in 20.2.

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