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Shader timeout error in "PathTracingMain" when building the Player via Script using BuildPlayer()



How to reproduce:
1. Open the user-attached project “SmokeTest”
2. In the upper tool bar go to Build → Do
3. Observe the results

Expected results: The Player is successfully built
Actual results: The building process throws an error preventing the building process from being completed

Reproducible with: 6000.0.4f1
Can’t test with: 2021.3.39f1, 2022.3.31f1 (Script errors)

Reproducible on: Windows 11 Pro
Not reproducible on: No other environment tested

-Reproducible with Windows Standalone and console platforms
-Not reproducible building via Unity Build window

Full error:
Shader compiler: Compile C:/Users/anastasijasafonova/Downloads/IN-77029_SmokeTest/Library/PackageCache/com.unity.render-pipelines.high-definition/Runtime/RenderPipeline/PathTracing/Shaders/PathTracingMain.raytrace: Compiler timed out. This can happen with extremely complex shaders or when the processing resources are limited. Try overriding the timeout with UNITY_SHADER_COMPILER_TASK_TIMEOUT_MINUTES environment variable. Error code 0x80000008 (Timed out).

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