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[Shader Graph] Removing the title of a group makes it hard to select & rename that group

Package: Shader Graph


If you delete a group name in Shader Graph, it becomes extremely hard to select or rename the group again.

- You can only select the group by clicking at the top left of the box
- You have no idea whether you are renaming the group or not after double clicking it
- When entering a new name, there is no preview.

Groups should emulate something like the sticky note system, where the title area will highlight when hovered over even while the title is blank.

1. Open Unity
2. Open the attached project
3. Open Assets/TestGraph.shadergraph
4. Select the "master node" group
5. Double click the group name and delete it
6. Attempt to select the group again and rename it

Expected Result:
You should be able to easily select the group and rename it without issues.

Actual Result:
You have to be very precise when selecting the group and cannot tell if you are renaming it or not.

Tested on Windows 10.

Occurs on 6.5.3, 7.0.0 using 2019.3.0a11

  1. Resolution Note:

    Not a blocker, will get fixed when this system changes later.

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