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Services settings incorrect after downloading new project from Collab on STAGING



Services settings incorrect after downloading new project from Collab

What happened:
We had a project on collab that had the Analytics and IAP (and collab) services turned on. I redownloaded it into a folder and the Analytics and IAP services were turned off. Also, the Unity services dialog (Preferences -> Unity Services) only has Collab listed. Furthermore, none of the services listed in the services window can be activated. Clicking on any of the disable services does nothing.

How to Repro:
With the attached project: Open services window and try to turn on Analytics (or any other disabled service).

New project repro
1. Enable Analytics and IAP on a project
2. Upload to Collab
3. Download project into a new folder from Collab
a. Open Project Dialog
b. Select Cloud build
c. Download your project
4. Check services settings / try to change them

Expected: All services behave normally.
Actual: Collab Toolbar is blank; in Services Window, all calls to Services do nothing and return the following error:
[CEF] processResult error: {"errorClass":"errUnknownObject","message":"cannot find object with reference <unity/project/cloud/hub>","version":1,"messageID":10462,"status":-1001} in at line 26

Workaround: Restart the Editor.

Note: This does not repro on PRODUCTION.

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