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Services IAP tab Import feature points at broken unpackaged IAP/UDP assets



Services IAP tab Import feature points at broken unpackaged IAP/UDP assets

Current result:
After enabling IAP in a project from ihe services tab, the user wil be provided an option to "import" the required IAP assets into the project. Currently this import feature points at old non-packaged IAP/UDP assets which are broken in later versions of Unity. The user will need to delete these assets to recover their project.

Expected result:
The import feature will trigger the package installation process for the appropriate IAP/UDP packages.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create a new Unity project
- Window > General > Services
- Enable and configure your organisation for cloud services
- From the services window, select In-App Purchasing
- Enable In-App Purchasing
- Observe after In-App Purchasing is enabled, the option to Import IAP assets will be provided to the user
- Use the Import button to import IAP assets
- After the import process, observe numerous reference errors
- Observe that the old assest have been copied into the Plugin folder rather than installed via package

  1. Resolution Note:

    I can no longer reproduce this issue- on the same machine, with the same builds, on the same projects. As I've also now tried on multiple other configurations and cannot reproduce, I will close this issue as fixed, ensuring it will be retested until we have some confidence it is no longer an issue.

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