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Radeon denoiser filters across charts

Global Illumination


In rare cases with tiny charts (usually from auto unwrapped meshes), the Radeon denoiser can pick values from unrelated charts.

This results in ringing artifacts as seen in the attached screenshots.

The denoiser will have to be retrained on lightmaps with unwraps authored using auto UV, resulting in tiny charts.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open PixarKitchen project
2. Enable advanced filtering
3. Select Radeon Pro as denoiser
4. Select 256 as resolution, 1K lightmap size.
5. Bake the lighting
6. Observe the artifacts


- Reproduces both with CPU and GPU lightmapper

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    Resolution Note:

    This issue cannot be fixed on our end until we receive an updated version of the Radeon Pro denoiser from AMD.

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