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[Quick Search] "ProgressOptions' does not exist in the current context" error on importing quick search package

Package: Quick Search


Importing Quick Search package from Help window imports the latest package version which is not the verified version and throws "ProgressOptions' does not exist in the current context" error in the console. Going to quick search option prompts to install it again though it appears in the packages 

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Create a new project
2. Help > Quick Search > Click 'Yes' when prompted to install

Expected Result: the package is installed without any issue

Observed Result: “The name ProgressOptions does not exist in the current context" error is thrown in the console

Reproducible On: 2020.1.0a21

Not Reproducible On: 2020.1.0a20, 2019.3.0f6

Environment: Win and Mac

Stack Trace: Library/PackageCache/com.unity.quicksearch@1.5.0/Editor/Providers/ADBIndex.cs(173,84): error CS0103: The name 'ProgressOptions' does not exist in the current context

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