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Fixed in 2022.3.35f1, 6000.0.9f1



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Quest apps lose head and controller tracking



*Repro Steps:*

* Ensure you have the Sample Project open in Unity.
* Connect Quest 2, Quest 3, or Quest Pro via USB.

# Verify the project setup:
** Go to {{Project Settings}} -> {{XR Management}} -> {{{}OpenXR{}}}.
** Under {{Project Settings}} -> {{{}OpenXR (Android){}}}, ensure that {{Meta Support}} and {{Input Controllers Oculus Touch}} are selected.
# Open the {{{}Build Settings{}}}.
# Select the {{Build Target}} to your Quest device.
# Click on {{{}Build and Run{}}}.
# Once the app is running, don the HMD.
# Confirm that the app loads correctly.
# Move the HMD and controllers to observe raycast movement for approximately 10 seconds.
# Observe the application's behavior.

*Observed Behavior:*
* The application "freezes" in place after ~10 seconds.
* Head tracking stops.
* Hand and controller tracking stops.
* The UI and raycast appear frozen and flipped behind the user when the head is turned.
* The Oculus menu can be opened, allowing the user to close the app.

*Expected Behavior:*
* The application should not freeze after launch and should maintain head and controller tracking.

* *Unable to Reproduce:* Unity 6.0.06f1
* *Consistently Reproducible:* Unity 6.0.08f1,  Unity 6.0.07f1
* *HMD:* Quest 2, Quest 3
* *Meta OS:* v66
* On Quest 3 took much longer for the app to freeze.
* *Both:* Vulkan and Gles graphics APIs reproduced this issue

Comments (3)

  1. CiaranWills

    Jun 30, 2024 05:41

    Yes, this fix is on track to land in 9f1

  2. zenbin3d

    Jun 29, 2024 11:19

    Can also confirm. Occurs on device on Quest2 and 3 using Unity 6000.0.8f1.
    Also happens on latest Unity 2022.3.35f1 LTS.
    Hopefully will be fixed in 6000.0.9f1.

  3. DJ_JW

    Jun 28, 2024 23:17

    This also occurs in standalone on Quest2 and Quest3 in Unity 6000.0.8f1 (without USB connected but with all the same details as this bug report)

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