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Profile Analyzer - top marker bar doesn't match calls list

Package: Profile Analyzer


Using Profile Analyzer v 0.4.0. The details regarding a marker in the "Top 10 markers window" don't match what I see in the calls list, the timings are different.

0.5.0 has improved UI to make it clearer what differences appear between the marker table and the top 10.
The top 10 is for the frame with median of overall frame duration.
Each marker in the table shows the median value of the frame where that specific marker is at its median value (which can be a different frame to the top 10 section).
Tooltips now make this clearer.

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    Resolution Note (fix version 5.0.0-preview.1):

    This is working as expected, but the feedback on the UI is very useful and indicates it could be improved.

    The Top 10 Marker bar shows the marker value on the median frame. This frame is the one with the median total frame time.
    The comparison graph shows the median of all the samples over all the frames.

    So these two may not match.

    If you switch to the single view there are two columns.
    'Median' is the median value of the marker over all frames (same as the comparison view).
    'At Median Frame' is the value of the marker on the 'median frame' with the median overall frame time. (same as seen in the top 10 view)

    If you click on the frame time graphs and choose "Select Median Frame" for both data sets, then the values will all match.

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