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Problem with mesh orientation author in 3DS max after FBX import

Asset Importers


There is an issue when importing an FBX file with the orientation in the scene view and in the preview.

More details on the issue + background:
- Max is Z-up and Unity is Y-up
- When Exporting an FXB from max. The "Axis conversion" Option is not taken into account at all (exporting one mesh with the Y-Up or Z-Up yields the same result in Unity). From now on I'm not going to mention this option anymore since it has no effect.

We tested several cases. All with simply spawning a default teapot in Max so that we can easily see the orientation
1- Spawn teapot, do nothing in max.
=> Teapot is properly oriented in the Scene View but not in the Mesh Preview. In practice a transform with 90°
around X-Axis has been added to the object. This transform is used in the scene view but not in previews resulting in said discrepancy.
2- Spawn teapot, rotate pivot in max so that it's Y up, matching Unity's convention.
=> Teapot is properly oriented in both the SceneView and Mesh preview. No additional transformation is added to the mesh.
3- Let's be crazy, spawn teapot, rotate pivot 45° around X in max.
=> Teapot is properly rendered in SceneView but rotate 45° in the Preview.... see the pattern here? :slightly_smiling_face:

So basically what seems to be happening is this : Unity importer takes the Pivot from the FBX and add a transformation so that it matches Unity Y-up. So whatever the pivot in Max, it will look right in the scene view. Two problems with that :
- Previews don't use this added transform so they won't look right.
- It completely prevents user from using a non-standard pivot transform. This case is not the norm but can still be useful at times...

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